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Have you heard...?

Wow, it has been a LONG time since I've posted here. Been without a computer for so long. XD

Luna Sea!Collapse )

So tired. D8



I can't believe how fast this month has gone by! D8 I'm so glad I only have to get gifts for like 8 people. >.>;

Wow, a whole sentance and a half, I should post this shit on twitter. XD;;

Happy Holidays everyone. *snugs&kisses*



Long time between posts. Does anyone miss me? ;^;

In other news, I've been working. :D
And developed an addiction to Deadpool comics. >.>

I need more computer time! >n



I'm alive! I think...8D

Been doing lots of nothing useful and dying of extreme boredom. I've been helping my granny out, she's been having trouble with taking care of her older sister. She's been in the hospital since sunday. :/

I went to see the movies Clash of the Titans and How To Train Your Dragon. I didn't much like the Titans movie. Though, the medusa was very pretty! :3
But the dragon movie! OMIGOSH! I loved it! ♥~ It was SO cute and made me giggle. I ended up going to see it a second time. XB
I want my own Night Fury! TTnTT

I need a header, this one has been up for ages!


Writer's Block: Pet talk

If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

She would probably tell me something insane. Like...'I like the big metal cats that zoom past our house everyday! 8D'. >___>;;;

Yeah, omg I live...? X3


the living dead?

Just posting to show I'm alive. XD;

Made a new layout for underyouwaves. Hopefully I'll be able to post something for halloween. :D


I'm sort of alive.

Wow, it's been AGES since I last posted. How is everyone doing?

I've been slightly busy with my home life, but nothing exciting. I'll be going to California in September. In October I'll be attending Yaoi-con! So, I have a busy sort-of-vacation planned. X3

...other than that I've been leading a pretty boring and uneventful life. >_>;;



I'm still computer-less at home. ;0;
Anyways, I stole this from paz_ita...
meme!Collapse )

I'm addicted to Resident Evil 5 and I want a Wesker of my own. *-*



I has a cold~! ;^;

I've been extremely bored these past couple of weeks, but at least I have my psp! XD;

We went to see Star Trek friday, which was REALLY good. I don't even LIKE Star Trek. So, that goes to say the movie was pretty good to make non-fans like it.

fortressmaximus and I started playing Resident Evil 5, which is super awesome. We just finished the entire game saturday morning at 5am. XD; We might play through again on a harder level. Though at the moment we're busy in with 'The Mercinaries'.

Ugh, my head feels like it might pop. ~_~ Off I go in search of cold medicine.


Curse you Golden Week! D:

There's no Jump! What am I to doooo~? *shot*

Uh, It's hot. Inside and out. >x>; This wouldn't be a problem if I went home, instead of mooching at fortressmaximus's house. XD
But then I wouldn't have any interweb to play on.

Is there anyone out there interested in buying a Transformer that is at a rather high price? I need the extra money! T^T
I need to find a way to buy a new battery for my laptop. D:

Did anyone go to Kishidan concert?